Why World Clinic

Protect and care for your most valuable asset.

WorldClinic is your trusted partner and provider in protecting and managing your health, and the health and well-being of the people who are important in your life.

As a WorldClinic member, you benefit from personal health planning and monitoring, and direct access to immediate medical care and follow up, whenever and wherever you are.

24/7 Immediate Access to Your Personal On-Call Physician

Connect directly with an experienced, board-certified ER physician for medical advice and care. Any time of the day or night, with no limit to the number of time you can call.

Custom Prescription Medical Kit

Customized for your unique health requirements and potential emergency needs, and used in consultation with your on-call WorldClinic physician for immediate treatment capability.

Advance Destination Medical Intelligence and Emergency Evacuation

When you travel, local medical risks and resources are identified, and an emergency response plan is developed in advance. We ensure rapid emergency evacuation all the way to your home hospital, without the uncertainty involved with most travel insurance.

Continuous and Complete Medical Care and Follow Up

WorldClinic completely integrates health planning, medical care and follow up. Your health history is always up-to-date for use by WorldClinic and other physicians involved in your care. All health events are managed and documented to completion including specialist recommendation and oversight, facilitated appointments, and after care.

The personal Prescription Medical Kit (PMK) is a distinguishing benefit of WorldClinic Continuous Connected Care—used at the direction of your personal on-call physician to provide immediate and even emergency medical treatment, anywhere in the world.

How does WorldClinic work? How is this of value to me? How does this replace or work with my physician? Find out more here.

WorldClinic’s Continuous Connected Care is direct doctor-to-patient, immediate, comprehensive and continuously-connected.

WorldClinic has been providing exceptional concierge telemedicine and personal health management to executives, high net worth individuals and families, performers and athletes, and frequent travelers for more than 15 years. Read our clients’ experiences with WorldClinic life-saving care.

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