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Managing Someone’s Cardiac Bio-markers & Medications
A 50-year-old client completes his executive physical. But given his family history of early heart disease, we add a special panel of recently-approved cardiac bio-markers to the standard exam. Though the exam results were entirely normal, the bio-markers revealed ongoing vascular injury and the beginning of atrial plaque formation. Under the guidance of a WorldClinic consulting cardiologist, our client’s blood pressure and cholesterol medications are changed, and the probable culprit, dairy fat, is eliminated from his diet. The bio-marker panel is repeated 120 days later and all evidence of the active vascular injury is resolved.

Maintaining A CEO’s Desired Schedule and Lifestyle
After being diagnosed with intermittent atrial fibrillation, a 64-year-old CEO is put on a blood thinner. Not wanting to curtail his business schedule or lifestyle, he calls us for a second opinion. We review cardiac rhythm data captured by his iPhone, and a WorldClinic consulting cardiologist confirms the original diagnosis and need for the blood thinner—and that this level needs periodic checking. We arrange for a phlebotomist to draw blood at his home before business hours and in his hotel rooms during business travel. We monitor the results and actively manage the blood thinner’s level to keep it at goal. The impact on the executive’s busy schedule is minimized and there’s complete continuity with the management of his condition. All discussions about an early retirement ceased.

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