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Resolving A Sudden Paralysis In 
A 57-year-old CFO awakes in a hotel room to find the left side of his face paralyzed. Assuming it’s a stroke,  he video-links us on FaceTime. Our on-duty physician carries out a guided exam which quickly rules out a stroke but confirms a diagnosis of Bell’s Palsy, a temporary paralysis of the facial nerve. He’s immediately started on two medications from his WorldClinic medical kit, and a same-day appointment is made with a top neurologist. The neurologist confirms our diagnosis and concurs on continuing the medications started earlier. While the CFO completes his business meetings, we collect and condense all medical records related to this event, for his follow-up neurology appointment back home in Westchester, NY. Within five weeks, the Bell’s Palsy completely resolves.

Figuring Out A Food Poisoning Case In New York
In New York on business travel, a key executive of a Philadelphia-based company wakes up in the wee hours with severe vomiting and abdominal pain. He contacts his security escort who comes to his room and connects with us and relates his symptoms. We make a working diagnosis of acute food poisoning gastroenteritis and his escort, under video-link direction, gives him two prescription medications from his WorldClinic medical kit. Within 20 minutes the vomiting stops and he is able to take small sips of liquids. Within 2 hours, his abdominal pain stops and he’s able to sleep. By 9 AM, he feels well enough to attend his regularly scheduled first meeting in New York and his security escort continues to provide regular updates on his recovery.

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