Time-Saving Stories

Enabling A Keynote Speaker To Speak On Schedule
A 48-year old executive is a scheduled keynote speaker at a technology conference. On arrival the night prior, she feels a sudden, severe pain in her lower back — after lifting her luggage at the airport baggage claim. The pain worsens and is accompanied by severe back spasms. Unable to sit, stand or lie down comfortably, she calls our hotline. Via a Skype video-link from her laptop, our physician carries out a guided physical exam and the patient is started on three medications from her prescription medical kit. We also arrange with her hotel concierge to have a flexible lumbar ice-pack delivered to her room. Within two hours, the spasms subside; by morning she can walk without significant pain, and is able to deliver her keynote. Her case records are forwarded to her primary care physician, who we follow up with, confirming our findings and a follow-up plan. Four weeks later she’s fully recovered.

Reversing A Severe Allergic Reaction In California
A Chicago client applies out-of-date sunscreen to her face just prior to a retreat in California. Twelve hours later, her face is puffy, itchy, bright red, and her eyelids are swollen shut.  She video-links with our on-call doctor who quickly diagnoses severe allergic dermatitis, and initiates treatment: to remove the residual sunscreen and start a daily dose of prednisone for three days. Next morning, her face dramatically improves; by day three, she’s back to normal.

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