Risk-Avoiding Stories

Keeping A Spider Bite Infection From Spreading
Two days after leaving New York on a business trip, our client notices an enlarging, tender, reddish halo around a bug bite she got the previous weekend. 24-hours later, she has a 100-degree fever and a tender red streak extending up her wrist. Fearing an infection, she calls us, we FaceTime video-link to her hotel room and conduct an interview and guided exam. Our finding: an aggressive wound infection, spreading rapidly. Antibiotics are started from her prescription medical kit, and treatment advice is confirmed. Follow-up daily video-visits with us affirm the effectiveness of the antibiotics. There’s no downtime, and she returns to New York five days later, where she finishes another week of antibiotics. A follow-up with an infectious disease specialist is scheduled; her medical records are forwarded. The infection fully subsides within 10 days.

Treating a Dangerous Blood Clot
A client returns from a multi-city trip, and notices mild shortness of breath. He attributes it to fatigue, but his family office adviser urges him to contact us. In a five-minute phone call, we conclude he’s at high risk for a blood clot induced by prolonged sitting in the airplane; which can migrate to the lungs. A diagnosis that’s reinforced by the low oxygen reading on the pulse oximeter in his WorldClinic medical kit. We swiftly get him to a local emergency room where an emergency CT scan confirms the diagnosis and the need for “clot-busting” medications. Four days later, he is back home with his family and fully recovering.

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