Life-Saving / Crisis-Intervention Stories

Countering a Boston Executive’s Beijing Heart Attack
At 2 AM in a Beijing hotel room, a senior executive from Boston has a heart attack.  Weak from chest pain, he dials in to our mission control: our doctor and care team spring into action.  A co-worker is called to his room and, with our direction, gives him a nitroglycerin tablet and aspirin from his prescription medical kit. We engage the hotel concierge to contact nearby EMS and with a direct cash transfer, we pay the local ambulance to transport our man to Beijing Union Medical College — the only hospital at the time with a Western-trained cardiologist and modern cardiac catheterization lab. En route to the hospital, we transfer medical records and a baseline EKG to the receiving ER. Via a 24/7 on-call Mandarin translator, our physician confers with the on-duty physician in Beijing and confirms the diagnosis of a new myocardial infarction.  At 3:15 AM, our client undergoes a rescue angioplasty and stent placement: a complete success. Four days later, he’s medically evacuated to Boston. All records from Beijing are translated and reviewed by us with the cardiologist at his home hospital. By day 10, he’s made a complete recovery. Life saved. Company crisis avoided. Wife and children relieved.

Saving A Man’s Neck After A Car Accident
One hour after a minor car accident, a client begins complaining of mild neck pain and tingling in his right thumb and index finger. His spouse calls and talks with our on-duty emergency physician. In a 5-minute interview, she describes the situation and carries out a simple guided physical exam; which confirms possible significant nerve injury. We immediately guide the spouse to immobilize the patient’s neck; then arrange transport to a designated hospital with a verified CT scanner and a qualified radiology team. Our doctors also advance-contact the emergency room there, and relay our concerns and request an immediate CT scan of the patient’s spine. It reveals a lateral fracture of the 4th cervical vertebrae; soon stabilized with a rigid neck brace. He makes a full recovery and suffers no permanent neurological injury.

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