Event-Saving Stories

Solving A Lead Performer’s Disabling Dizziness
While on a 45-city North American tour, the drummer for the lead act starts experiencing disabling dizziness; sometimes accompanied by vomiting. Seven hours before a West Coast show, the tour manager calls us. Through a smartphone video-link, our on-duty physician diagnoses a moderate case of middle-ear vertigo. We immediately start him on two prescription medications and a decongestant—all called in to a local pharmacy we had pre-identified during our tour planning. The drummer’s vertigo was neutralized and the show went up, on time.

Preventing Acute Influenza From Spreading on Tour
Over the course of two days, four crew members touring event came down with acute influenza: high fever, headache, profound fatigue and joint pains. In the course of evaluating them, our doctors learned all four members slept on the same bus and were in constant close contact. We immediately called-in prescription Tamiflu, and physically isolated them from the other tour members. The entire production staff was started on a prophylactic regimen of Tamiflu to limit the spread of the influenza. No additional cases occurred among the crew; and there were no lost shows or major downtime.

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