Athlete/Star-Saving Stories

Vocal Cord Fatigue, T-minus 6 Hours to the Show
At 3pm from San Francisco, the voice coach of the headline performer called in to ask for advice. Her young pupil was congested and missing key notes. Interviewed by phone, the hoarseness was apparent. From his WorldClinic medical kit, our doctors immediately treated him with both prednisone and albuterol mist breathing treatments. A senior ENT specialist at UCSF was brought in to do a house call at the arena. His exam affirmed the treatment and the show went up on time. The headliner’s voice right on key.

Figuring Out a Hip Injury on Tour in Florida
Two days into a major PGA event, a touring pro hurt his hip climbing out of a bunker. Six hours later, his pain was severe enough to cause him to limp. His wife called us and our doctors determined there was a distinct possibility of a serious ligamentous tear in the joint. An off-hours MRI of his hip was immediately set up. Diagnosis: acute traumatic arthritis but no structural injury or tear. From his medical kit came the prescription prednisone, and our staff arranged the in-hotel physical therapy that kept him on the course and in the money.

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