Executive Benefit Consultants

It’s about Risk Management

Wisely protect executives health and the related business risks

WorldClinic effectively minimizes the key points of risk arising from an executive medical event:

  • Avoiding unmitigated risk with immediate doctor to patient care for executives
  • Protect executives health and related business risks: operational and share holder
  • Actively ensure the continuity and longevity of  executives’ health and wellness
  • Avoid unnecessary time lost
  • Maximize Productivity

WorldClinic is a medical mission-control that keeps businesses and their executives healthier and more productive.

Membership in WorldClinic will help your company recruit and retain top talent

There’s no reason your key people can’t have the most immediate, direct doctor care available anytime, anywhere. Executive Medical Care: from diagnosis to treatment. On demand.

Our kind of continuous, fail-safe executive medical care support is rare  — and what we already provide telemedically to highly affluent families and individuals.

At a time when high quality healthcare resources are diminishing, along with swift or sure or easy access to them.

We’re a fit for the upper reaches of business that need and want this wrap-around health protection. For risk-aware, risk-averse board members, the cost-benefit ratio is clear; our resources compelling. Likewise, it’s another way to help attract and retain key executives: show them how much you value them; and recruit others.

“…adopting WorldClinic has worked out well for us. Our key people appreciate it… and I see its impact on our bottom line: real savings from keeping our lead executives healthy and operations running smoothly.”

Stories That Matter: Maintaining A CEO’s Desired Schedule And Lifestyle

After being diagnosed with intermittent arterial fibrillation, a 64-year-old CEO is put on a blood thinner. Not wanting to curtail his business schedule or lifestyle, he calls us for a second opinion. We review cardiac rhythm data captured by his iPhone, and a WorldClinic consulting cardiologist confirms the original diagnosis and need for the blood thinner—and that this level needs periodic checking. We arrange for a phlebotomist to draw blood at his home before business hours and in his hotel rooms during business travel. We monitor the results and actively manage the blood thinner’s level to keep it at goal. The impact on the executive’s busy schedule is minimized and there’s complete continuity with the management of his condition. All discussions about an early retirement ceased.

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