This medical mission-control model is unique, global, successful. And digital.

It provides direct, immediate personal care: doctor diagnosis-to-treatment or guidance anywhere, telemedically. Anytime a key executive is facing a health crisis or emerging issue.

It’s all about risk management: going long on prevention, rapid intervention, close coordination. To keep high-value executives healthy and performing.

So you can stop worrying about wild card events, by replacing potential chaos with the confident, continuous control WorldClinic brings to your big picture.

Running a strong, stable business.

WorldClinic is private, well run and well capitalized; in business since 1998. Our physicians are established ER veterans, all board-certified. We have intelligent, redundant back-up systems in place, for health data sharing and storing, privacy; are fully digital; fully secure; fully insured and HIPAA-compliant.


The actual and opportunity cost of a senior executive missing in action from a health event is high; replacing one altogether far higher.

“I log about 250,000 frequent flyer miles every year. Last spring, I got a vomiting bug and fever right before meetings overseas. My WorldClinic doctor treated me with meds from my kit and I was able to keep going. Great team, great service.” — a director, global sales, Washington D.C.

Stories That Matter: Resolving A Sudden Paralysis In London

A 57-year-old CFO awakes in London to find the left side of his face paralyzed. Assuming it's a stroke,  he video-links us on FaceTime. Our on-duty physician carries out a guided exam which quickly rules out a stroke but confirms a diagnosis of Bell’s Palsy, a temporary paralysis of the facial nerve. He’s immediately started on two medications from his WorldClinic medical kit, and a same-day appointment is made with a neurologist at Central London’s Harley Street Clinic. Where a neurologist confirms our diagnosis and concurs on continuing the medications started earlier. While the CFO completes his London meetings, we collect and condense all medical records related to this event, for his follow-up neurology appointment back home in Westchester, NY. Within five weeks, the Bell’s Palsy completely resolves.

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