What the C-SUITE needs to know...

It’s about Risk Management

Wisely protect key executives health and the related business risks

WorldClinic effectively minimizes the key points of risk arising from an executive medical event:

  • Avoiding unmitigated risk with immediate doctor to patient care for key executives
  • Protect key executives health and related business risks: operational and share holder
  • Actively ensure the continuity and longevity of key executives’ health and wellness
  • Avoid unnecessary time lost
  • Maximize Productivity

WorldClinic is a medical mission-control that keeps businesses and their key executives healthier and more productive.

Membership in WorldClinic will help your company recruit and retain top talent

CEOs and other key executives can rely on the best-of-the-best direct doctor support. Where a physician comes straight to you, via smartphone or tablet, voice or video. Without delay. Available before only to highly affluent individuals and families.

Businesses like yours see it as a vital, valuable part of compensation packages for their C-suite, lead partners, others.

Our veteran doctors connect anytime, anywhere, to diagnose, treat or guide you through any health issue or incident. They work closely with your regular doctor, acting as a 24/7 resource to you and including them for any issue requiring follow-up or ongoing attention.

We are absolutely loyal to you, not to any HMO, hospital system, or insurance company.  This freedom ensures you receive the best-of-the-best in care.

All to maintain your physical well-being, peace of mind, effectiveness. From full-on care by our own veteran doctors and nurses, to complete privacy of your medical records. [separator top="10" style="single"]

What you get:

  • 24/7 immediate, always on-call doctor care
  • Personal prescription emergency medical kit
  • Quick launch on-call doctor app
  • Active prevention, immediate intervention
  • Summarized & archived personal medical records
  • Full security & privacy of personal health information
  • Detailed destination medical planning
  • “All the Way Home” global medical evacuation
  • Close coordination with your regular physician

Why “The Golden Hour” matters.
It’s the well-known window of time for decisive action — on any acute medical condition. Getting the right, immediate diagnosis and treatment might save your whole day, business trip, days of downtime, maybe your life. When you call or video-link with our doctors, they treat you, decisively; without delay. Always fully informed about your history, condition, personality.

Why take chances?
High-level medical care is hard to find. And often involves delays. And it’s getting more scarce, slow, complicated. No guarantee it will be there when you really need it. A typical doctor’s office is only open 40 hours a week, so where does that leave you during the other 128? And dealing with emergency rooms: what if you could avoid having to go at all?

Stories That Matter: Countering a Boston Executive’s Beijing Heart Attack

At 2 AM in a Beijing hotel room, a senior executive from Boston has a heart attack.  Weak from chest pain, he dials in to our mission control: our doctor and care team spring into action.  A co-worker is called to his room and, with our direction, gives him a nitroglycerin tablet and aspirin from his prescription medical kit. We engage the hotel concierge to contact nearby EMS and with a direct cash transfer, we pay the local ambulance to transport our man to Beijing Union Medical College — the only hospital at the time with a Western-trained cardiologist and modern cardiac catheterization lab. En route to the hospital, we transfer medical records and a baseline EKG to the receiving ER. Via a 24/7 on-call Mandarin translator, our physician confers with the on-duty physician in Beijing and confirms the diagnosis of a new myocardial infection.  At 3:15 AM, our client undergoes a rescue angioplasty and stent placement: a complete success. Four days later, he’s medically evacuated to Boston. All records from Beijing are translated and reviewed by us with the cardiologist at his home hospital. By day 10, he's made a complete recovery. Life saved. Company crisis avoided. Wife and children relieved.

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