Individuals + Families

Exceptional private health care. Focused on you and your family.

When you become a WorldClinic member, you have your own personal physicians and medical experts immediately available to you, whenever and wherever you need. Using the latest mobile health technology, you are connected to WorldClinic concierge telemedicine and health management everywhere you live and work, and in every passion that you pursue.

When you secure your family’s health with WorldClinic membership, we review and track the medical history of every member of your family. We work proactively to manage their health and well-being, including scheduling of regular preventative care and diagnostic testing. If appropriate, every family member receives a custom Prescription Medical Kit, which includes over the counter medications and personal prescription medications so we can provide immediate and appropriate medical care, every minute, every day, everywhere.

24/7 Around the world. Wherever you live, work and play.

Everywhere you and your family are, WorldClinic is there. Whether you’re at home and dealing with an unexpected diagnosis, or experiencing a sudden crisis half way around the world, you can access your WorldClinic physician and private, concierge telemedicine every hour of the day or night, and every day of the year.

We answer your questions, diagnose and provide treatment, connect you to the best specialists and provide complete support and follow up care, all based on our detailed knowledge of your family’s individual health needs for personal health protection and management that is unmatched anywhere else in today’s fragmented and regulated health care system.

24/7 Direct Access to a Personal On-Call Physician

Your WorldClinic physician is just a phone call away, everywhere you are.

Immediate Consultation and Medical Treatment

Using the latest mobile health technologies, telemedicine and a custom Prescription Medical Kit, diagnosis and treatment begin immediately.

Advance Destination Medical and Risk Planning

With rapid and safe emergency medical evacuation if required.

Personal Health Preventative Planning and Monitoring

Including mobile health tracking and complex disease management.

The Highest Commitment to the Best Medical Care

Without the financial or system constraints of today’s complex health care systems.

Read more about WorldClinic Member experiences.

WorldClinic has been providing exceptional concierge telemedicine and personal health management to executives, high net worth individuals and families, performers and athletes, and frequent travelers for more than 15 years. As private personal physicians, we provide everything from wellness, prevention and health monitoring to lifesaving, emergency medical care for our clients in locations from ships to private residences and from executive offices and to touring locations around the world. Read our clients’ experiences with WorldClinic life-saving care.

With WorldClinic, you can rely on the best-of-the-best direct doctor support.

This medical mission-control model is unique, global, successful, and digital.

Fail-safe support, from diagnosis to treatment. On demand.

Our medical mission-control complements other arrangements your high-level clients have with you to physically protect them and their family members.

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