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Our medical mission-control complements other tools high profile performers and athletes have in place to physically protect their safety, especially on tour and in high-risk locations overseas. It’s digital and personal. We also work hand-in-glove with their traveling security teams.

We keep you advised – with their permission – about a client’s condition and progress. Working confidentially; without information leaks that could affect public relations.

You can shed the liability of finding medical care when your client is on the road. We are experts at finding and qualifying the right doctors and resources for your client, wherever they are.

Engaging continuously-connected doctor care means no more gaps in a performer’s or athlete’s security or safety measures.

All client medical records are stored offline; highly secured; accessible only to authorized WorldClinic staff.

Stories That Matter: Saving A Man’s Neck After An Istanbul Car Accident

One hour after a car accident outside Istanbul, a client begins complaining of mild neck pain and tingling in his right thumb and index finger. His security escort calls and talks with our on-duty emergency physician. In a 5-minute interview, he describes the situation and carries out a simple guided physical exam; which confirms possible significant nerve injury. We immediately guide the escort to immobilize the patient’s neck; then arrange private transport to a designated hospital with a verified CT scanner and a qualified radiology team. Our doctors also advance-contact the emergency room there, and via a Turkish translator relay our concerns and request an immediate CT scan of the patient’s spine. It reveals a lateral fracture of the 4th cervical vertebrae; soon stabilized with a rigid neck brace. He’s flown back to the US within 24-hours to complete his recovery. Resumes his usual activities. And suffers no permanent neurological injury.

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