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You can rely on the best-of-the-best direct doctor support. Where a physician comes straight to you, via smartphone or tablet, voice or video. Without delay.

Clients like you see it as a vital, valuable part of their personal and financial protection while on tour or performing at a remote event; when an unexpected health issue could threaten the quality, completion, success of their performance.

Our veteran doctors connect anytime, anywhere, to diagnose, treat or guide you through any health problem on the road, on location.

Though the venue might change, your healthcare remains continuous, assured by regular follow-up and total logistical support wherever you are, or will be tomorrow. We find the best care everywhere you go. We are experts at researching and qualifying the right doctors and resources for you at every tour stop.

All to maintain your physical well-being, peace of mind, effectiveness. Including relying on our absolute loyalty to you, not to any HMO or insurance company. From full-on care by our own veteran doctors and nurses, to complete privacy of your medical records.

What clients get:

  • 24/7 immediate, always on-call doctor care
  • Personal prescription emergency medical kit
  • Quick launch on-call doctor app
  • Active prevention, immediate intervention
  • Summarized & archived personal medical records
  • Full security & privacy of personal health information
  • Detailed destination medical planning
  • “All the Way Home” global medical evacuation
  • Close coordination with your regular physician

Why “The Golden Hour” matters.
It’s the well-known window of time for decisive action — on any acute medical condition. Getting the right, immediate diagnosis and treatment might save your whole day, a whole show, days of downtime, maybe your life. When you call or video-link with our doctors, they treat you, decisively; without delay. Always fully informed about your history, condition, personality.

Why take chances?
Or risk waiting for care? High-level medical care is hard to find. And often involves delays. Even regular care. And it’s getting more scarce, slow, complicated. No guarantee it will be there when you really need it. A typical doctor’s office is only open 40 hours a week, so where does that leave you during the other 128? And dealing with emergency rooms: what if you could avoid having to go at all?

Stories That Matter: Solving A Lead Performer’s Disabling Dizziness

While on a 45-city North American tour, the drummer for the lead act starts experiencing disabling dizziness; sometimes accompanied by vomiting. Seven hours before a West Coast show, the tour manager calls us. Through a smartphone video-link, our on-duty physician diagnoses a moderate case of middle-ear vertigo. We immediately start him on two prescription medications and a decongestant—all called in to a local pharmacy we had pre-identified during our tour planning. The drummer’s vertigo was neutralized and the show went up, on time.

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