Event & Touring Performers, Athletes, and Managers

An effective way to manage sudden health issues that risk the success of an event; from music concerts to sporting tournaments.

Events & TouringCan your event or tour afford not to have immediate medical diagnosis, treatment and guidance, around a lead performer’s or athlete’s unexpected health problem? Especially if it’s serious and the situation occurs away from immediate or effective care

It’s not about mortality. It’s about practicality. That’s why we have the high profile talent clients we do. Why we have the complete medical mission-control model we do. Why we’re recognized by those in the know as the most fail-safe solution for continuously-connected care.

Avoid the ER (at all costs) if you can.

Because going there is costly. In time and money. It’s nerve-wracking, inconvenient, unpredictable; with no follow up. It’s best avoided whenever possible – and we often help clients avoid it altogether.

WorldClinic is vital and valuable while on tour or performing at a remote event; when an unexpected health issue could threaten performance quality.

There’s no reason your high profile clients can’t have the most immediate, direct doctor care available anytime, anywhere. From diagnosis to treatment. On demand.

Our medical mission-control complements other tools high profile performers and athletes have in place to physically protect their safety, especially on tour and in high-risk locations overseas.

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