Our Information Privacy Policy

To be as effective as possible in caring for clients, we maintain their medical histories. And actively safeguard the privacy of all medical records; in full compliance with the latest HIPAA regulations.

What This Means for Clients:

  • Your medical records or health status, where we're involved in diagnosing or treating you, will never be shared with a third party without your express permission.
  • Personal medical information of executive clients is not shared with employers; only their ability to perform their work, so their company or firm can plan around their medical absence.
  • We depend on clients to advise us whenever their health changes - new medications, surgeries, diagnoses, etc. - so we can keep their medical recordsand profile current. We also update information via periodic queries and at each point of medical mission-control contact.

WorldClinic upholds the absolute confidentiality of the doctor-patient relationship in and across our business, medical policies and practices.

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