Health News: How to Filter the Static

Posted on March 18, 2016

With Zika virus in the news, and the recent Ebola scare, individuals are often bombarded with medical news. However, it’s often impossible to distinguish which stories matter and then make sense of the ones that do. How is someone supposed to know if they are safe to travel during a disease outbreak? Which preventive measures should they take?

For the Zika virus, WorldClinic has been carefully monitoring news and updates and suggests the following actions to stay safe:

1) Diligently prevent mosquito bites through clothing and insect repellent

2) For pregnant women, or those planning pregnancy, do not travel to areas with Zika virus

3) Use condoms consistently and correctly throughout the pregnancy since Zika can be transmitted to the fetus during sexual activity

Trustworthy medical professionals are key for making sense of health news. Because news stories that appear more dire, and thus dramatic, get the most clicks, articles often include irrelevant details that distort the reality of medical events and disease outbreaks.

At WorldClinic, our care team monitors updates from the CDC, WHO, & other health authorities constantly. Our medical staff stay up to date on the latest news and immediately addresses prominent stories by sending our clients our own in-depth analysis of the situation. With WorldClinic, our clients are never left confused by medical issues issues in the media. For clients abroad, we monitor local health news and advise clients who may need to change their travel plans.

Contact us to learn more about services for traveling individuals, families, and executives.

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