Health Monitoring Technology: The Link Between Data and Action

Posted on January 28, 2016

withingsFrom Fitbits to blood pressure cuffs, health monitoring technology is now widespread. However, one aspect that often gets left behind in the excitement over their ease of use is whether or not it creates truly long term health improvements. Though it is empowering for individuals to use these devices and understand their own current health metrics, without contextualizing that information and creating a long-term action plan, the data from the devices is largely useless.

Blood pressure cuffs are a great example of the gap between data and health improvement. For hypertension, constant monitoring of blood pressure is key aspect of effective management, but a successful treatment plan also includes corresponding medication and diet changes in accordance with blood pressure readings. While a motivated individual can collect and transmit their blood pressure readings to create a clear profile of how they’re doing, this must be tied to a physician practice that can interpret this data, change medications as needed and provide insight on personal lifestyle changes that may be particularly beneficial. Combining the motivated and monitored patient with the ongoing clinical expertise of an accountable physician is the best way to assure long term success.

At WorldClinic, physicians help patients manage many chronic conditions through remote health monitoring technology. They act as the link between data and action, helping clients interpret their personal health data and analyze it to create effective, long-term treatment plans to maximize quality of life.


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