“Continuous Connected Care:” What Does It Mean?

Posted on February 19, 2016


WorldClinic’s healthcare delivery model is based on Continuous Connected Care, a level of care that many telemedicine companies cannot provide. However, there is confusion over what this phrase means. Many companies address only continuity or connectivity, not both simultaneously.

Here’s a breakdown of how WorldClinic applies this phrase:

“Continuous” refers to continuity of care—the follow-through from doctors and nurses in order to completely resolve medical issues. At WorldClinic, clients have a dedicated Care Team staff member that ensures complete follow-up and works with WorldClinic physicians to ensure that all outside medical staff help patients return to full health. This means that WorldClinic oversees upcoming appointments and treatments, and WorldClinic physicians are actively monitoring patient progress. With this approach, nothing falls through the cracks.

“Connected” refers to the means of care delivery. At WorldClinic that means using the latest technologies, along with Electronic Medical Records to ensure that patient medical information is not overlooked when creating a treatment plan. For chronic conditions, this often means remote monitoring technology, like smartphone-connected blood pressure cuffs, along with regular WorldClinic physician check-ins. WorldClinic physicians track readings from patients with remote monitoring devices, and use the information to quickly respond to changes in chronic conditions, no matter where the patient is located. This dramatically reduces disruptive health events.

The combination of continuity and connectivity allows WorldClinic to successfully resolve patient health issues in a fraction of the time compared to a traditional, brick-and-mortar, doctor’s office process.

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