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Exceptional personal medical care you can trust. A total healthcare solution.

WorldClinic is a total personal healthcare solution: a 24/7 healthcare company providing immediate personal telemedical care and comprehensive medical support services to a member base of families, executives, performers and athletes. 

Physician and founder Dan Carlin, MD, pioneered WorldClinic’s innovative healthcare solution after more than a decade of experience in providing care in challenging environments, first as a U.S. Navy ship Chief Medical Officer then as a refugee camp physician. A recognized leader in using the latest digital and mobile technologies to deliver quality telemedicine, Dr. Carlin has been featured in Forbes and Worth magazines, and appeared on The Today Show, Dateline NBC, and Oprah Winfrey.

Your personal, on-call medical team

beijing-callWorldClinic is a medical practice of veteran ER doctors providing concierge telemedicine and proactive health management for highly mobile, time-pressured individuals and their families, when and where they need it. WorldClinic physicians are board-certified in emergency medicine and carefully chosen for their proven expertise and communication skills.

A dedicated Advisory Board provides specialist consultation and guidance on treatment and referral options for a range of specialties including cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology. Our 24/7 Care Team takes care of all scheduling, recordkeeping, logistics and other details to ensure complete and thorough management and support of your health and medical care.

Your Personal Medical Team

  • Physicians
  • Specialist Advisory Board
  • Support Care Team

Once contact point

Telemedicine for immediate medical care, anywhere in the world.


As a WorldClinic member, you get medical care when and where you need it. Using the latest digital and mobile health technologies, your personal physician comes to you. You eliminate the inconvenience of tight doctors’ schedules and required hospital affiliations. You avoid the nerve-wracking unpredictability of the ER, and the unfamiliarity and quality concerns of foreign medical care systems.

WorldClinic works proactively with you to manage your health and well-being, including health planning and monitoring, preventative care and diagnostic testing. And because your WorldClinic physician is always connected to your complete medical history, they can provide informed diagnoses and immediate treatment using your custom personal Prescription Medical Kit.

The highest commitment to your health and medical care.

Our entire allegiance is to you and your health. WorldClinic operates without complex financial affiliations or the requirement to refer to specific physicians or hospitals. All referrals, diagnostic tests and treatment plans are based on the expert opinions of WorldClinic physicians and advisory board specialists working with the latest medical research and treatment options.

WorldClinic Member Experiences

For more than 15 years, WorldClinic has provided exceptional concierge telemedicine and personal health management to executives, high net worth individuals and families, performers and athletes, and frequent travelers. As private personal physicians we provide everything from wellness, prevention and health monitoring to lifesaving, emergency medical care. Using telemedicine, we have taken care of clients in locations from ships to private residences and from executive offices and to touring locations around the world. Read more about WorldClinic’s business- and life-saving care.

Physician and founder, Daniel Carlin, MD, pioneered WorldClinic’s innovative concierge telemedicine model after a decade of experience in demanding health care environments, first as a U.S. Navy Chief Medical Officer then as a refugee camp physician.

Meet the physicians, specialists, and care team that provide the services and support here at WorldClinic

In the Middle of the Night, In the Middle of the South Atlantic

WorldClinic Continuous Connected Care model leverages the latest cutting edge technology in mobile health monitoring devices and telemedicine every day to deliver superior care to our discerning members.

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