Executive Medical Care Services

Protect and care for your most valuable asset.

As a WorldClinic member, you benefit from personal health planning and monitoring, and direct access to immediate medical care whenever and wherever you are.

Simple Healthcare Solutions

Great Healthcare Made Simple.

WorldClinic is a total personal healthcare solution: a 24/7 healthcare company providing immediate personal telemedical care and comprehensive medical support services to a members

mHealth Solutions

It's About Risk Management.

WorldClinic restores the fundamentals: access, quality and continuity in doing so we, effectively minimize risk of an unanticipated executive health event.

WorldClinic combines compassion, clinical excellence, and technology to deliver exceptional personal medical care.

WorldClinic has been providing connected care telemedicine and private health management for more than 15 years.

We are experts at integrating technology to care for our patients. Our highly experienced board certified physicians utilize the latest mobile technologies to provide immediate medical care when and where you need it. WorldClinic’s unique C4 Care Platform emphasis proactive health planning, connected monitoring and management of chronic health problems as well as all aspects of acute care through 24/7 direct access to WorldClinic physician for immediate diagnosis and treatment. WorldClinic is a unique high quality solution for people and companies who require both excellence and accountability in their healthcare.

24/7 Immediate Access to Your Personal On-Call Physician
Health Planning with Ongoing Monitoring and Management
Custom Personal Prescription Medical Kit
Advance Medical Intelligence and Emergency Evacuation
Continuous and Complete Medical Care and Follow Up

Membership is All-Inclusive

One annual fee provides unlimited, direct access to your personal on-call physician and exceptional medical care and services.


WorldClinic serves the unique health and wellness challenges of highly mobile and time-pressured individuals and their families.

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